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Featuring organic, natural, non-toxic & Eco friendly products & services

Pamela defines organic hairdressing as “a holistic approach that considers the movement, flow and natural growth direction of the hair, the client’s lifestyle and the use of  Ecologically responsible products and treatments to create, support and maintain the finished design.”

She spends considerable time researching and evaluating product lines to ensure that her clients receive the best available natural or Organic hair and personal care products. “Going into a health food store can be confusing and intimidating.  Just because products are in a health food store and, are labeled “Natural,” doesn’t mean that they are free of harmful chemicals”.  

“I take the guesswork and stress out of the equation for my clients” says Pamela.  She believes that you don’t have to sacrifice style or artistic expression when using Organic hair products and that you can be Eco-Chic and leave the planet beautiful too!

Pamela’s work has been published locally in San Diego Magazine, The Union Tribune and various other print media.  Nationally, her work has been featured in Calendars, Posters and numerous advertisements.  Pamela has been an integral member of various artistic design teams, along with many top photographers, and has a discerning eye for detail, balance and design.  In addition to being a recognized stylist and colorist, Pamela is an accomplished make-up artist with credits that include print work, designer fashion shows, photo shoots and live theatre.

With over 20 years of design and color experience, Pamela is committed to providing her clients with a personalized artistic look that is distinctively fashionable, healthier AND  Eco-friendly. Her private Eco -Studio Salon’s ambiance coupled with Pamela’s warm, friendly, and vibrant nature, encourages clients to relax, unwind and… enjoy the experience!


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