Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate organic salon experience so we ask that you contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION. During the consultation we will address any concerns you might have and do a "patch test" (a small amount of product applied to your skin to make certain you have no reaction to the natural hair color we use.) We will also give you ideas and various ways that we can create the perfect look for you and your lifestyle. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (619) 299-7717 or use our contact form.
1. Will your color cover grey?
Absolutely! And even better than most conventional salon haircolor. Not only will your grey hair be covered but you'll have beautiful shine too!
2. How long will the color last?
You will find that our color will last just as long as conventional salon color, if not longer. Many of our clients tell us they love that the color stays true to tone and never takes on an off color between visits. Many environmental things can affect the longevity of hair color including your water. We recommend using a shower filter that removes impurities from the water like chlorine which can have a detrimental effect not only on hair color but skin as well. The hair care products you use can also effect the longevity of your color. We will personalize a hair care program for you to ensure that your color is maintained at its absolute best.
3. Does the color contain ammonia?
Our color does NOT contain ammonia or resorcinol. We use citrus oil and heat to help raise the cuticle so that the color can penetrate. Unlike ammonia, our color does no damage whatsoever to the internal structure of the hair.
4. Is the color 100% Organic?
It's difficult to find products that are 100% and effective, but in our 25 years in the business we feel that this is the safest professional hair color product on the market today. Even Henna, which some people feel is the only truly organic color, carries a rating of "Moderate risk" according to the Environmental Working groups site Skin Deep. Our color is formulated to do no damage and to leave you and your hair in the healthiest possible condition. Certified Organic ingredients such as camomile, sweet almond oil, jojoba, vitamin c, vitamin e and grapefruit seed extract are just some of the wonderful ingredients to ensure beautiful, shiny, manageable hair.
5. What if you have allergies or have become sensitized to color?
We recommend that you visit your doctor to find out what might be causing your allergic response. Our experience has shown us that even people with sensitivities seem to do just fine with our color. There is no stinging, itching or burning and best of all no unpleasant smell. We also recommend that you come in for a patch test prior to your appointment.
6. What if I am pregnant?
Congratulations! We recommend that you follow the advice of your doctor. Many doctors will approve hair color or ask you to wait till after the first trimester. Our pregnant clients LOVE this color and have gone on to deliver healthy, bouncing babies. One of the safest ways to color your hair during pregnancy is to do hi-lo lites because there is minimal contact with the skin.
7. What if I have been using Henna, can my hair be colored with your color?
Yes! We will probably want to do a consultation and patch test with you first to determine how we will proceed. We will more than likely use a special treatment to remove most of the henna before we color. Henna, depending on its formulation can contain metallic salts which can create a chemical reaction when mixed with some ingredients. So, it is very important to inform us if you have been using Henna. We have very successfully colored many of our clients who were formerly using Henna.
8. Will your color be able to cover over my previously colored hair?
Absolutely and with beautiful results! Our clients find that once all the "old color" has been removed they have even better results. We frequently hear comments like "people tell me that my hair color looks so natural they didn't even know that I colored it". If you want your hair to be as beautiful, healthy and shiny as it was when you were a child, then our color is for you.
9. What about high fashion looks. Can you still do edgy color?
No problem! We are able to get "runway" results and do all the latest haircolor trends.
10. Can you lighten my hair or do Highlights with your color?
Yes! We can do beautiful hightlights or lowlights and multi-dimensional color. You can get that blissful blonde sun kissed look or beautiful carmel and toffee colors, ravishing reds or awesome coppers and aztec golds. We can achieve whatever your heart desires!
11. How soon can I get in for an appointment?
Because of the demand for our services it's a good idea to book your appointment ahead of time. We do our very best to accomodate your schedule and make your whole experience with us as pleasant, comfortable and relaxing as possible.
12. What is your appointment policy?
Because of the amazing demand for our organic hair care services, we have a policy that respects those who want to secure their time with us. We value your time and as professionals we understand the importance of "running on time". We make every effort to allow the appropriate amount of time for each service. Out of consideration to all our customers we request that if you are running late for an appointment with us please call to see if we are still able to accomodate you. Clients who are more that 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule.
We offer complimentary consultations for new clients. Credit card information is required at scheduling to set and secure your appointment for all hair coloring or permanent wave services. Your card will NOT be charged unless you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours prior to your service at which time you will be charged for the cost of the services scheduled.
In order to provide you with the ultimate relaxing and enjoyable organic experience we work by appointment only.
13. What payment methods do you accept?
Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover card.



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